April 2013 (2)

On 26 April 2013, it was announced that J Allan Osborne (Preservations) Ltd had been placed into voluntary liquidation. This was one of four related companies for which Margery Osborne and Thomas Paterson were listed as directors. The other three companies, which were unaffected by the liquidation of J Allan Osborne (Preservations) Ltd, were Osborne (Builders) Ltd, Parkhaven Ltd and Osborne Interiors Ltd. These three companies still remain in active business as evident from on the Companies House register, which can be searched here:

The Companies House register also reveals that, earlier in April 2013, the registered name of Osborne Interiors Ltd had been changed to Parkhaven (Property) Ltd and that of J Allan Osborne (Preservations) Ltd to Parkwood (Glasgow) Ltd. At the same time, the registered offices of the companies were transferred from Helensburgh to a firm of accountants in Glasgow.

Importantly, Castle Woods and the land at Cumberland Avenue is owned by Margery Osborne and Thomas Paterson as individuals and not by their companies. These sites were thus not directly affected by the liquidation of J Allan Osborne (Preservations) Ltd.