December 2017: HCWG offers new future for land at Cumberland Avenue

Cumberland Avenue Proposal
Our plans to transform the Cumberland Avenue land into a real environment asset for everyone’s benefit, launched at our AGM in November, are now available for download. These plans have been drawn up by our environmental consultant, Iona Hyde, and reflect the preferences of local people expressed at an open meeting held at Lomond School Sports Hall in May 2017.

The key proposals are to:

  • Reinstate and maintain broadleaved woodland at varying densities throughout most of the site
  • Reinstate public access through the site, particularly the link path from Cumberland Avenue to West King Street
  • Create a circular all-abilities path within the northern part of the site
  • Create and maintain a managed open meadow area within the north of the site
  • Enhance the biodiversity value of the site by managing the developing woodland to provide habitat for associated woodland species
  • Create and maintain a species rich herb layer within the developing woodland to encourage colonisation of the site by native pollinators and other invertebrates
  • Remove all Himalayan balsam and ensure that the site remains free from all invasive non-native species, including garden escapees
  • Manage site boundaries to ensure on-going security and privacy of neighbouring properties while ensuring that site amenity is not compromised
  • Encourage responsible use of the site by dog-owners
  • Encourage active, on-going community involvement in development and management of the site


Public Consultation Report and Management Plan [PDF 1.88MB]
Concept Map  [PDF 365 kB]
Concept Design  [PDF 654kB]
Current view from Cumberland Avenue  [jpeg 893kB]
Artist’s impression of view from Cumberland Avenue 10 years after planting  [PDF 353kB]

David Adams, HCWG Convenor said: “The launch of these detailed plans, which have been drawn up in close consultation with the local community, represents a major step forward in our campaign to transform the land at Cumberland Avenue. They offer a new future for the land after years of neglect and controversy. We are confident that if we can acquire the land, we will be able to secure the necessary funding to implement what will be a significant project for Helensburgh.”

The plans have been welcomed by Councillor Aileen Morton, Leader of Argyll and Bute Council and by Norman Muir, Convenor of Helensburgh Community Council, as reported in the Helensburgh Advertiser on 14 December [PDF 948kB].