February 2013

woodland felledOn 14 February 2013, Argyll and Bute Council ordered Margery Osborne and Thomas Paterson, the owners of former woodland at Cumberland Avenue, to replant a total of 109 individual trees which the Council decided were removed, uprooted, or destroyed in May and June 2011 in contravention of the Tree Preservation Order at the site.

HCWG welcomed the council’s decisive action following its 18 month investigation and has called on Mrs Osborne and Mr Paterson to take their responsibilities seriously and put right the eyesore they created in 2011.

You can download a copy of the Tree Replacement Notice here.  This Notice sets out the precise arboricultural requirements to be complied with, along with the relevant legislation under which it has been issued.  It also notified the owners of their rights to appeal against the notice.

What was one of the most substantial replanting notice ever issued in Scotland generated extensive press coverage, with stories at:

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