May 2015: Partial victory in campaign to Clear Out That Mess

Helensburgh Community Woodlands Group - Clear Out That Mess Campaign
Following HCWG’s campaign to secure the removal of all the logs and debris left behind from the Cumberland Avenue felling four years ago, we understand that Argyll and Bute Council now intends to serve notices before the end of May requiring the landowners to clear out the large pile of logs near the road along with the adjacent mound of debris.

This must be just the first step in getting rid of all the mess left from the 2011 felling. All the other mounds are equally unsightly and dangerous, and they must all be removed. They certainly have no long-term place in a designated Open Space Protection Area. We trust Council planners will soon respond to the strength of local feeling about this, as shown by the recent petition and fully supported by Jackie Baillie MSP and our local councillors, Maurice Corry, Aileen Morton, Gary Mulvaney and James Robb, and make sure the job is finished in full.

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