May and June 2011

On the May Bank Holiday, when council offices were closed, Osborne Interiors began to fell the protected woodland on the larger Cumberland Avenue site. Despite strong opposition from HCWG, including a public demonstration on the footpath adjacent to the woodland, the company eventually managed to persuade the Council to allow felling of the larch trees (but not of the other species, most of which were also felled). When virtually all the woodland had been destroyed, the contractors stopped work under threat of legal action from the Council. For more information, see the reports at:

Helensburgh’s Cumberland Avenue saga: planners trying not to hop to a Dance tune?

HCWG leaflet – Wasteland to woodland (394KB PDF)

Go-ahead given for trees to be felled (2.0MB PDF)

Protest as trees get the chop (4.9 MB PDF)

TV Report on ‘Save our Trees’ demonstration